Lasers have been used in medicine for more than 50 years. One important benefit of the
treatment is that there are NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS.

However, the following contraindications should be considered before initiating therapy.

  • DO NOT treat painful areas of unknown origin!
  • Safe Laser devices can be used in examined patients, in diseases diagnosed by a doctor.
  • Only a competent person over the age of 18 can use the lasers!
  • For infants and young children, do not use the method of illuminating the nasal mucosa due to the relatively strong light, which can irritate the eyes!
  • In pregnant women, the lower abdomen and nasal mucosa and in infants, the irradiation of open wells is prohibited due to the (possibly dangerous) increase in blood abundance !!!
  • Do not use the device on people with severe blood clotting problems!
  • Do not illuminate: the area of malignant tumors, the area of the thyroid gland and breast, and the fungal skin areas.
  • Direct irradiation of dyed moles can be dangerous as it is considered a cancer-preventing condition
  • Do not intentionally illuminate your eyes or eyes with lasers!