The effect of the SL150 is close to the skin surface of approx. It prevails to a depth of 3-4 cm, therefore it has a significant role in the treatment of lesions, inflammations and pain close to the surface.
The Safe Laser 150 is a versatile soft laser device with a number of accessories, allowing for several types of treatment:
When applied to a skin surface, it can be used as a general purpose laserAlso suitable for illuminating the nostril with nasal treatment (accessory)Eyes and mouth can be handled efficiently with fiber optics (optional)With a cosmetic treatment, special creams can be effectively applied to the skin (can be ordered separately.

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Technical characteristics

  • Power: 150mW continuous (scattered radiation)
  • Wavelength: 660nm (red light)
  • Battery operated (Li-ion rechargeable)
  • Available accessories: fiber optics, cosmetic treatment(1 radius reducer accessory)