Safe Laser 1800 Infra

The infrared (808nm) light of the Safe Laser 1800 Infra is absorbed in much deeper layers than that of red lasers (its biological effect is up to 10 cm deep), so it is excellent for use e.g. in the therapy of musculoskeletal diseases and , where it has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates the healing of muscles, tendons and joints.At higher doses, the articular cartilage surfaces and cartilage are also suitable for regeneration.
It helps to heal more effectively after dental treatments and surgeries. Accelerates the ossification process when implanting implants.

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Technical characteristics

  • Power: 1800mW continuous (scattered radiation)
  • Class 1 laser product
  • Wavelength: 808nm (infrared) + 1 630nm LED
  • Large operating surface: 12.5 cm2
  • Battery operation



Contusion,sprains,contorsio, hematoma, muscle or tendon rupture, fracture

Ribbon, muscle or tendon rupture,

Fracture (fracture)

Diseases Injuries caused by overwork

Tendonitis (tendinitis), myositis, mucositis (bursitis)

In the adhesion of muscles v. the origin of inflammation of the peritoneum(eg“tennis elbow” = inflammation of the peritoneum due to overexertion at the point of adhesion of the forearm tension muscle.)

Degenerative lesions

Joint wear, cartilage wear (arthrosis)


Pain relief, reduction of inflammation in spinal diseases (eg lumbago)

Muscle diseases: e.g. muscle pain, narrowing of joint movement (contracture)

Musculoskeletal disorders can cause problems and pain in different parts of the body or in several joints.

The healing time of traumatic and sports injuries is shortened by soft laser therapy!Used before surgery, it accelerates the absorption of hematomas and edemas, so the surgical area becomes more accessible and pain is reduced

Even after surgery, use the laser 1-2x a day for faster healing.

In the case of bone fractures, a “small window” is usually cut on the plastered limb, so direct laser illumination intensively aids the ossification processes.

Dermatological diseases

In the case of epithelial injuries, abrasions, post-operative wounds, it promotes the regeneration of normal tissues, it also promotes the healing of difficult-to-heal wounds and ulcers

Dental and oral diseases

Superficial skin and mucous membrane diseases (e.g., herpes, mouth ulcers, aphthous ulcers) and gingival atrophy can be treated with theaid of fiber optics.

Toothaches and inflammations can be effectively treated either through the face (from the outside) or with the help of fiber optics (from the mouth)It accelerates the healing of soft and bone tissue after dental treatments, oral surgeries and dental implants.

Teeth around implants helps with epithelial adhesion (ossification phase).

Healing time is shortened after surgeries, sutures can be removed sooner.

Relieves acute orthodontic pain and helps teeth move faster (shortens the duration of orthodontics)

Tricus -Prolonged spasm of the jaw muscles can occur for several reasons, e.g. inflamed wisdom tooth...

After a few minutes of Safe Laser treatment on the joint of the jaw, the muscle at the joint of the jaw relaxes, the mouthpiece dissolves in a few minutes, and the inflammation is reduced


In many cases, it reduces and eliminates tinnitus.

Improves hearing when used with fiber optics in case of acute hearing loss.

Relieves symptoms of sinusitis and airway inflammation.

The course of treatment

The Safe Laser 1800 Infra laser should be placed in contact with the painful or damaged area and illuminated for the specified time, then it can be moved to the next point. (disposable protector can be ordered on the operator's head)

Several points can be treated one after the other depending on the size of the painful, damaged surface. Generally, “pressure sensitive” points should be treated.

For maximum safety, turn on the laser only when placed on the skin surface to avoid accidental glare! At the end of the treatment, switch off the device before removing it from the skin!

The layer to be treated deeper than 10 cm can be better achieved by pressing the Safe Laser 1800 Infra treatment head slightly into the tissues. If e.g. due to an open wound, the laser cannot be placed on the skin surface, it should be kept as close as possible (max. 0.5 cm), in which case the treatment time should be extended by 1 minute per point to get the right amount of energy to heal into the body

Duration of Treatments

Depending on the disease, differing energy quantities (Joules) are introduced via the SL-500 to achieve efficient healing. Thus, higher energy output is provided by prolonged irradiation

4-10 Joule Energy = 2+ Minutes Irradiation –Treats strains, bruises, muscle spasms, light musculoskeletal injuries, acute and chronic inflammations, dental and mouth disorders and dermatologic diseases plus improves microcirculation.

15 Joule Energy = 3 Minutes Irradiation –Relieves pain and severe musculoskeletal disorders.

25 Joule Energy = 4-5 Minutes Irradiation –Supports cartilage regeneration and treats musculoskeletal injuries in deep layers; ruptures of taenia, muscle or tendons and fractures (in the beginning, even at twice-per-day).

Frequency of treatment

The frequency of treatments depends on the duration of the disease. (How long ago did the problem occur?)

1. Treatment of acute illnesses (recent illness) or postoperative cases:

Treatment should be given daily for 1-2weeks and then 3 times a week until symptoms have resolved. Improvement can be seen already during the first treatment or within 1 day!(For acute illnesses, treatment can be given for the first time for as long as no improvement is seen.)

2. Treatment ofchronic (prolonged) diseases (developed more than 6-8 weeks):

Prolonged illnesses need to be treated less often. Use the laser device 3 times a week until the symptoms disappear or are significantly reduced.

In chronic (long-standing) diseases, recovery naturally takes longer (days, weeks, possibly months).

After the first treatments, you may experience a slight tingling sensation or an increase in pain in painful conditions (treatment reaction), but this is a temporary phenomenon. The intensity of the pain decreases continuously with the number of treatments and disappears after 3-4 treatments, then improvement begins. The treatment response is a normal accompanying phenomenon, a sign that the patient is responding to therapy. In case of increasing pain after treatment, halfthe treatment time and frequency of treatment. You can return to your original treatment after 3-4 treatments.
If we find that e.g. the painful joint does not improve or “worsen”, then we are probably treated with too low a dose (too short irradiation), in which case we can increase the treatment time by approx. 2-3 minutes.
If the pain may increase as a result of regular treatments, it will become more and more prolonged, a sign that we have been treated with too much. Overtreatment does not cause permanent injury. In this case, some treatments are skipped and therapy is continued at lower doses(fewer times or shorter duration of treatment). One of the causes of concomitant pain is the sudden onset of microcirculation (blood flow in the smallest blood vessels) in stagnant areas. Decomposition products that have accumulated on stagnant parts (which have not been transported) suddenly enter the circulation, so nausea, fatigue, and malaise may occur rarely (after treating large areas with high doses).
One of the causes of concomitant pain is the sudden onset of microcirculation (blood flow in the smallest blood vessels) in stagnant areas. Decomposition products that have accumulated on stagnant parts (which have not been transported) suddenly enter the circulation, so nausea, fatigue, and malaise may occur rarely (after treating large areas with high doses).
More frequent or prolonged treatments do not necessarily speed up healing because there is a biological limit beyond which cells cannot be further stimulated by irradiation!